Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seven of the Deadliest Delicacies

Poisonous or dangerous food is considered a special delicacy by some cultures in several parts of the world. In most cases, a nice feast may turn into a deadly game of Russian roulette.

1)"Fugu" or Pufferfish

2)"San Nak Ji" or Live Octopus
A slight error during the removal of the toxic parts can allow the toxin to contaminate the entire flesh of the fish.


This is one of the world's popular staple food. Cassava is often used to make the tropical delicacy in the form of tapioca starch or flour. However, if not properly washed or cooked, cassava leaves and roots contain toxin called cyanide which is fatal to humans even in small doses.

4)Giant Bullfrog
Giant bullfrog is considered a delicacy in Namibia. The Namibians eat the entire giant bullfrog except for the internal organs. In most cultures, only certain body parts of the frogs such as the legs are consumed as most frogs have poisonous skin and poisonous internal organs. A premature bullfrog is said to contain a certain toxin which could lead to kidney failure in most cases.

5)Ackee Fruit

The fruit looks like a pear, red in color when it's ripe. The ackee fruit must be picked after it has naturally opened and revealed the seeds. The fruit must be eaten at the right time. The fruit is poisonous if it is both immature and overripe. The fleshy part around the seeds is the only part which is edible. The rest of the fruit contain a type of toxin called hypoglycin which can be fatal if consumed.

6)Silver-Stripe Blaasop

The silver-stripe blaasop is a delicacy among the locals who live in some parts of the Indian Ocean.The locals are experts in removing the toxic parts of the fish before cooking and consuming it. The poison is concentrated in the liver,reproductive organs and also the skin of the fish which can cause paralysis and breathing problems if consumed by humans.

7)Echizen Jellyfish

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World’s Largest Abacus - faster than a calculator and a little bit bigger than a bus

This 18 foot long Thai abacus has got to be the world’s biggest non-electric calculator. It’s currently in use in a resort town pharmacy and can calculate drug bills faster than a calculator.

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